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Reviews Comments: captchacritter Nerve Damage fanfic review by captchacritter

You guys really aren't serious about this one, are you? It smacks of OOC and disregard for the setting and wish fulfillment without capably handling its own so-called "brand of insanity." Its one thing to bend canon in order to tell a better story or play fast and loose with it - it's another thing entirely to disregard it completely in favor of RULE OF COOL. Guy had to give Marty Stu-Shirou 4 Sabers, one who is another servant entirely instead of being different aspect of the same servant like the other three, and make orgasmic cooking( I don't care if he keeps saying it's an omake, the fact is that it used to be a /real chapter/, and that's enough for me to know that the author is whimsical enough to write things like this and consider it serious), and a pointless OC who teaches Shirou magecraft that he shouldn't even be able to learn period. It's basically like one of those terrible Naruto fics where the Naruto gets a power up after being taught by a mysterious OC whose past we don't know of and is basically just an excuse to make him stronger.


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