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Reviews Comments: The Gauntlet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 episode/issue review by Awesomekid 42

I kind of liked this episode. The jokes were good, and the fight scenes were awesome. There's some stuff that bugs me though. Mainly, the characters. As of now I think Mikey is becoming more annoying than Amy Rose. And that's no easy feat. And I know it's intentional, but now I'm not even finding it enjoyable. Leo is incredibly bland in this episode, showing no signs of being a good leader nor any conflict. Raph and Donny mostly stay the same for my opinions though. And as for April, they don't focus on her well enough. This was about her finding out about her dad, but she does nothing to affect the plot. Also, what the hell happend to the training Splinter said she was going to take. Nothing was touched on it in either this episode or the previous one.

And of course the Splinter lesson. It's pretty much not to get cocky. This thing has been done to death. Honestly, I don't even care about the Splinter morals anymore. It's pretty much predictable, and not touched on well. But the entrance of Shredder was interesting along with Splinter's final words of the episode having great tension.

This is also the episode where Chris and Xever turn into a dog and a fish. I can deal with Chris but WHY did they decide to make Xever a fish of all things? And seeing them mutated makes me feel that the writer are Jumping The Shark. I haven't seen Panic in the sewers yet, so maybe it'll change my mind. Still their last contact was with the turtles, not the dog and fish. Chris was headbutted and kicked in the face, Xever punched a turtle in the face, and picked one up. They should have also turned into turtles. Do the writers even read their own scripts?

I feel like this episode was rushed. Shredder meeting the turtles was awesome, but that's at the last 5 minutes. The rest was only average. Still, the episode was decent. It had good tension, nice jokes and action, and I find April's father a generally likeable character. However, I feel like the writers wanted to get to Shredder so badly that the rest of the episode was completley rushed, something that REALLY brings it down to me. Like Monkey Brains, there isn't anything special about this episode, besides Shredders introduction, but not anything glaringly bad about it either.

Character: C-

Plot: B

Writing: B-

Delivery: C+

Overall: B-


  • noitsnot
  • 9th Dec 12
Fun Fact: the shot when they leap in the air to attack Shredder is a homage the 2-page spread of the first issue of the original comic.

Also, this is my favorite episode so far.
  • Awesomekid42
  • 12th Dec 12
Well we all have different opinions. This episode would have been higher to me, but the characters seemed stale in this version.
  • noitsnot
  • 15th Dec 12
I think the show does better when they don't focus so much on one character. I've noticed that both our least favorites have been ones that focused on one turtle(Monkey Brains, Metalhead, Turtle Temper).
  • Awesomekid42
  • 16th Dec 12
I know. I want it to be focused equally around the turtles, but I don't want them to seem one-dimensional. I probably would have liked it as much as Never say Xever if it weren't for that.

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