Reviews Comments: Post Twilight: The movie did not age well...

Post Twilight: The movie did not age well...
This film is a cult classic, but the truth is, it didn't age well. Now, the quality of televisions highlight the difference between the quality of the costumes and quality of the sets. The monstrous Dracula may have been interesting at the time, but now it looks like a man in a rubber suit. Most importantly, Dracula and Mina's relationship in a post-Twilight world is extremely unnerving. She is in love with the man who raped and murdered her best friend, even after knowing who she was. The number of scenes with either no consent or dubious consent kill the attempts to titillate the audience (There are a total of 12, six of which are because of Dracula and the rest by his brides). In all honesty, this film does a great job making Dracula a sexual predator. He's a complete monster, but for some reason we're supposed to route for Mina, who has fallen in love with him. If this film came out today, it would not be hailed as a great film. It would be derided in the same vein as Twilight.


I don't think you actually understand what aging well means.
comment #16730 marcellX 1st Nov 12
If something was popular during its original time (this film got three Oscars),but does not hold up two decades later, then the phrases is "does not age well," isn't it?

comment #16731 fenrisulfur 1st Nov 12
I get you think it didn't age well, but nit what Twilight has to do with it.

By the way, I thought it sucked back then, aside from Monica Bellucci's boobs, which is also my exact opinion of the Matrix sequels.
comment #16734 tublecane 1st Nov 12
Well in itself the whole did not well well concept is rather cheap. Almost nothing would age well, at least when fictional belief is concerned, the original Star Wars CGI and special effects look crude on today's eyes, and then there's also the Seinfeld Is Unfunny effect. Even so your example of Twilight is like saying that a bottle of wine (which is where the concept is taken from) did not age well because a lot of people got tired of wine, which doesn't take the actual quality of the wine into account.
comment #16736 marcellX 1st Nov 12

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