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Reviews Comments: GrantMK2's review Mobile Suit Gundam Alpha fanfic review by RN 452

Strong writing so far with very believable characters, who largely have the same roles but with certain changes. For examples of the latter, Sayla is now an ace pilot and far more vengeful than her original character, Amuro is the Gundam's test pilot (subsequently his role in the novels) who ends up thrown into combat, Fraw is a doctor who winds up becoming the Chief Medical Officer of the resident White Base (now named Ark Royal), Sleggar appears at the beginning and is a more eccentric version of his original character, etc. Apparently there is a love triangle between Amuro, Sayla and Fraw planned, while Sleggar and Mirai hold an estranged relationship from a past engagement. Made by the same author as Code Geass Megiddo.


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