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Reviews Comments: A really fun game, way too damn short. Dishonored game review by Steal Everything

This is one of those games that try really hard to shove in as many innovative things as possible, but still fails on some levels. The biggest offenders: length (I did a ghost run on this game at the highest difficulty and it took me less than 20 hours and I'm usually slow at videogames especially when I'm sneaky), and the actual stealth aspect.

Blink feels like it's almost a hack. It's fun to use, but it makes it way too easy to sneak around guards. The guards themselves are not that threatening when you fight them since you have so much equipment available and it's so easy to exploit the AI with your arsenal of powers. Corvo is what you would get if you gave Garrett super strength and magic powers. It sounds really awesome in practice, but it makes him nigh-invincible even on the highest difficulty where guards are supposed to inflict fatal damage. Don't get me wrong, this game absolutely delivers in terms of gameplay. My entire time playing it, I was enjoying everything even if it felt like I was in god-mode by using the powers. The sword-play is probably one of the funnest parts of playing this game and probably the best use I've seen of it in any videogame.

One thing I felt was handled extremely well was the world-building and the story (mostly.) I did feel like the way your actions directly affected the story was a great choice on the developers' part and I loved exploring Dunwall and reading all the books with the back-stories on Dunwall. Which is why I was so disappointed that this game was so short: it feels like there's a whole world I have yet to explore, in fact it feels like the game covered a microscopic part of what the world of Dishonored was built up to be.

Long-story short: Fun game that delivers for the most part, but tries packing in too much innovation at once and it left me feeling a little unsatisfied (i.e. I wouldn't recommend buying it at $60.00 like I did.)

Great game that I'd recommend to everyone? Absolutely. GOTY material? In my opinion, probably not. That being said, I'm definitely going to play the game again and this time I'm going to try to beat it without using any powers which, if you want the feel of a real stealth game, is what I'd recommend you do.


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