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Turtle Temper
This episode... this episode pretty much shattered any of my interests of this new adaption. How they focus on Raphael's temper is incredibly lazy. Let's compare. In the 2003 series, they lecture Raphael on his temper after nearly BREAKING MIKEY'S FACE. Here, they focus on it because he signals some Krang robots. Yeah, didn't Mikey do the same thing last episode? And the villain of this episode is horrendously idiotic. I wouldn't be insulting four mutants who are skilled in martial arts, two of them who could either stab me to death, or slice my head of if I was put in that position. And when he was kidnapped by the Krang, he idiotically thought he could sell the video to them. Oh, and when he first talks to three of the robots, this is what he says. 'Are you guys triplets?' when one of them clearly was showing it's mechanical face. How could anybody be so stupid to think they're human? MIKEY realized they were robots when one of them showed their mechanical face.

Oh yeah, and when the turtles confront the guy, they try to reason with him to delete the video, by Splinters orders. Is he forgetting that their whole family is at risk? I can understand not using force, but couldn't they just steal the video?(they are ninja's after all, implying great stealth) Couldn't they bluff him out of it? Why did the writers decide that force, or reasoning are the only two options? Oh yeah, because it's training for Raphael. This WOULD be a good way to train, but seeing as how they could be exposed, that's not the greatest scenario. And the jokes are bland, predictable, and nowhere near entertaining. We also have the introduction of Spider Bites, the idiotic jerk I was ranting about for a while. He has no motives, no purpose to exist, and blames the turtles when he did this to himself when he tried to retreive his phone during the struggle between the krang, and the turtles(except Raphael), but a spider touched him, and he got splashed with mutagen. Why doesn't he just stop trying to get the phone, and get out of their for his life? I don't know, the writing's lazy, that's my guess.

I give the episode credit for explaining more of Splinters story, and the guilt he carried on him for years, but that's the only redeeming quality about this episode. Terrible plotline, lukewarm at best jokes, and no point. This episode gets a 'D-'


1. Vic was an idiot. Why shouldn't he be an idiot?

2. It wasn't just the writers who wanted Raph to learn a lesson. It was the turtles too. I think you're being to harsh on the writers who I think are doing a great job in terms of characters.

3. I don't think I can agree that there was no point. Unless you think character development for Raph is pointless.
comment #16483 noitsnot 14th Oct 12
Raphael's development was done very lazily, and there's no point because the delivery of the episode was terrible. And the writers didn't show that it was intentional for Vic being an idiot. Plus, Splinter made a stupid move also, by telling the turtles to only use reason. And like I said in the review, that was a lame way to solve the problem.
comment #16499 Awesomekid42 15th Oct 12
(I like debating in bullet points Much easier for me) 1. Bear in mind that this was the second episode and that it's established that the turtles are new to heroics. So this is the first time the other brothers have noticed Raph's tendency to lose his temper. So even if it wasn't greatly presented like the 2k3 episode(One of my favorite episodes of that show, by the way) It still makes sense that that little situation would cause concern.

2. I think Vic's actions speak for itself. He was explicitly an idiot.

3. Splinter likes to teach things the hard way. They weren't risking anything. The only person they'd be revealing themselves to is Vic who's already seen them. If it didn't work, they could just do what you suggested and steal it.
comment #16501 noitsnot 15th Oct 12
1. I still think the presentation was terrible. It may be only the second episode, but the writers aren't newbies, so I don't think there should be any excuse. 2. I guess so. 3. They pretty much said that reason or force were the only two options. Did they think of what would happen if Vic didn't agree? If he didn't he would just go back to selling to somebody, since they said it's either reasoning or force, and Splinter prohibited force.
comment #16523 Awesomekid42 16th Oct 12
1. By second episode, I mean it hasn't been long since the first episode where they've arrived at the surface for the first time.

3. Oh, did he really say that? Well, I'll give you this one.
comment #16524 noitsnot 16th Oct 12

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