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Reviews Comments: Amazing; obscure; quick. One Hundred Yard Stare whole series review by The Talking Toaster

Finished watching the series last night, with low expectations (given how little info TV tropes had on it), and I was pleasantly surprised. One Hundred Yard Stare obviously borrows much from the existing mythos (e.g. make free use of the Operator Symbol), and does come close to other series at times, like EMH, but it strikes out as an original work in its own right. OHYS eschews the subtler approach of more (and less) popular stories, and dives right into the action from the very first episode. Although the action-packed plot is admittedly thin, this actually works in the series' favour: The short episode & series length combine with the dramatic content to propel the plot at breakneck speed, which I doubt could be sustained over a greater period.

OHYS also deserves a great deal of credit for realism: Its first-rate acting all-round (and particularly regarding "Ellie") greatly complements the Shaky Cam technique so widespread amongst Slendervlogs, enhancing the sense of authenticity.

Finally, I think it's also worth evaluating the series from a feminist perspective, as the only boys present (excepting SM himself, obv.) are minor/supporting characters; the main triad are all girls. And they are awesome. This makes a nice and much needed change, IMO, considering that not only are the more famous SM vlogs/blogs are very male-centric, but when girls do enter the equation, they tend to fall into the Damsel In Distress mould.

Overall, I think this is an excellent series, especially if you're looking for a quick archive binge, and a great introduction to the mythos besides. I highly recommend it to fans and nonfans alike.


  • maninahat
  • 8th Oct 12
I watched a few episodes (NB, they need to fix the play list - the videos play in reverse order, from newest to oldest), and I didn't think much to it. It does't work as horror because there is no tension or build up - which is really the crucial ingredient to anything like this. Just flashing the slender man on the screen, within 30 seconds of the movie starting, apropos of nothing, doesn't make for scary viewing. I didn't like marble hornets either, but that show had a much better understanding of how to work up towards the scares.

There was some decent acting in it however. In episode 18, hamminess aside, the actress did a really good job of looking distraught.

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