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Reviews Comments: Why is this reccomended? Abuse Cycle fanfic review by Koyuki Hime

ignoring the hand wave that is explicitly for 18+ (which I am) blah blah, I found it... disturbing. the characters are so badly deconstructed that it's basically an "In name only" fic. not to mention, the actions are completely out of character. it's disrespectful to the characters to make them into something they're not and then to slaughter their set in stone canon personalities, which is what has been done here. it's also blatantly obvious there's adamant character bashing, which doesn't need any more fuel added to that fire.

for anyone whose particularly sensitive to the subject matter of domestic abuse (or just their OTP getting ripped to shreds) will also get offended. honestly, does that belong in this fandom? I don't think so. there are things you just don't subject fictional characters to. it's an unpleasant experience for you to have to write it, it's going to be even worse for us, who have to read it. this is one of those things...

The ocs i also found to be rather bland and found myself skipping over their sections, not caring what I missed. if an author can't reel you in with all characters, they have failed to tell a compelling story.

personally, I don't understand why anyone would want to read this.

granted, it's not at the same level of troll that HIBY was, but it's not much better. it's only redeeming quality is that it's decently written. that's pretty much all. but above all, the fact the author is self absorbed in their perception and is actually taking it seriously, is just plain SAD.


  • vanishingreality
  • 10th Oct 12
I agree that this is well written in that is disturbing and that is the intent. It definitely flanderizes Bolin to a hilarious degree "he"s my brother, what was I supposed to say?!" If Mako is going to be written as a homicidal maniac, I really wish the author would also realize she wrote Bolin as an accomplice. Therefore, in story, it makes no sense to idolize the Bosami.

If this was anti-all ships the insanity might make sense, but I was under the impression this was a Bosami fic
  • Rebochan
  • 10th Dec 12
To answer the question you asked in your title, this is only "recommended" because a troper added it to the page. There are zero standards for adding fanfics, and as you may have noticed, a lot of the recommended fanfics here are really not that good.

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