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Reviews Comments: Absolutely Brilliant The Man With No Name fanfic review by Mondegreen

It's no coincidence that this story's received roughly 823 positive reviews on When I first came across this story, I was a Doctor Who fan but never watched Firefly, and I only took a quick look at the characters of Firefly for some brief familiarity.

But that was pretty much all I needed. Even someone with almost no knowledge of either show can read this story on the merits that its plot is gripping, it has great characters that are memorable and written so well (and spot on to the actual characters of the show), the sci-fi environment's well established, parts of it are just hilarious and the end is just so cathartic even though they know nothing of Firefly or Doctor Who.

Of course, knowing at least one of the franchises involved in the crossover would enhance the reading experience by tenfolds. The funny thing is that the author of this story admitted that he was NOT a Doctor Who fan, and yet both Doctor Who and Firefly are presented spot-on. The two different universes are mashed together seamlessly (which I guess helps when Doctor Who is involved and when both shows involve sci-fi), all of the characters act the same way as in their respective shows, and there are references to events in episodes of both shows.

I actually got into Firefly because of story, and after watching all fourteen episodes (and the movie) I read this story again. I read it three times and it's still amazing; even better now that I know about both shows being crossed over.

I'll be honest, I think this is the best story I've ever come across on, at least so far. So if you're a Doctor Who and/or Firefly fan, or even just someone who likes some light-hearted Sci-fi with heart, then read this story. There's a 96% guarantee that you're going to love it.


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