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Reviews Comments: Epic, Awesome and Epicawesome God Bless America film/book review by Watergirl 909

What happens when you toss the Kubrick film adaptation of Lolita (due to the idea of an older man and a teenage girl on a cross-country trip with a lot of crime, though instead of child molestation, it's murder), Natural Born Killers (cross-country murder trip combined with satire of the culture of the time period) and Idiocracy (obvious) in a blender? Literally? A lot of dust. Figuratively? This movie. Now, I'll admit, I'm extremely left wing. Like, you cannot guess how left wing. If you're right wing, don't watch this movie. In fact, just being on the Tv Tropes page for this movie is a bad idea. This movie is more left wing than Jon Stewart. Much, much more. What I liked about this movie? Pretty much everything. Seeing as I can't put spoilers, let's just put it this way. If you've ever seen reality TV or the right wing pundits on Fox News or any of those crazy Tea Party assholes, or just some small scale assholery and are left wing, this movie is for you. It's also on Netflix, and has one of the highest ratings, for good reason. Get some popcorn or a box of Skittles, hijack a friend or family member's flatscreen if you lack one and watch it. And, if you're so inclined, watch it again with this drinking game: any time you spot an obvious parody of a real reality TV show, take a shot. Any time you spot an obvious stand-in for a real event or person, take a shot. Any time Roxy's bad aim defies the laws of physics, take a shot.


  • marcellX
  • 22nd Aug 12
your go to person for left wing is Jon Stewart?
  • GallowsNoose
  • 13th May 13
There's right wing people that can handle it. I'm right wing and I perfectly enjoyed it. Then again, I also hate these reality shows as being overly exploitive trash. The Westboro Church is a worthless cult and seeing them get blown away in movie was just satisfying. Sure, it was left wing sensibilities, but there's enough for both sides to enjoy.

But I caught an undertone that taking out these people, even those that desperately deserve it, is wrong. It doesn't matter the political stance, the message of the movie is clear.
  • rkade8583
  • 15th Jan 14
I'm very much an old school mindset and I hate this new generation. I even blame "the liberals" although "the conservatives" are just as bad. I loved this movie. I think people who hate this culture that's been cultivated will love this movie. There are no politics for that.
  • Elmo3000
  • 15th Jan 14
Eh, I didn't really think it was the kind of movie that could successfully portray any undertone or message without alienating the people who found it funny, because it's the kind of movie you can only enjoy if you don't take it seriously. It's a very petty kind of humour, although that's kind of unavoidable if the protagonist's way of thinking was 'I don't like you because you're a jerk so I'll kill you.' That's serious 'going to shoot up a high school' logic and it kind of kills any enjoyment I could've gotten from the deaths of people I politically disagree with. It IS humour, I'll give it that, but it's not thoughtful, it's not creative, and all it amounts to is 'Here's a bad man, look at the bad man, the bad man died, laugh. Repeat.'

It's honestly not a terrible movie, but if I want to watch a disturbed man dishing out disproportionate beatings against douchebags with the help of a younger female sidekick, I'll watch James Gunn's 'Super' again.

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