Reviews Comments: All hail the king.

All hail the king.
As much as I wanted to like this the majority is just plain bland, and executive meddlers once again ruin a great premise by kiddying it up; also see the King and I, Quest for Camelot[ not disney , I know] and to a lesser extent, since it is still good and way better than The King and I and QFC combined; Atlantis. However, I have a theory on just why the horned king doesn't sing or crack endless one liners; when you look at him, he is like a conglomeration of every childhood's most hated nightmare, and they just hurt with no complexity, no second thoughts and no pause; so, although I like my villains complex, I cling on to the hope that he was n't just wasted potential like the rest of it, and that who knows, being a nightmare incarnate may be the reason why he doesn't fit into a Disney villain mould very easily.


The Horned King was the movie's only true triumph. I think everyone can agree with that.
comment #15893 ManwiththePlan 23rd Aug 12
I myself hated the Horned King. It's not that I wanted him to sing or crack one-liners, I just wanted him to be interesting.
comment #19967 StevePotter 27th Jun 13

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