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Reviews Comments: Getting Better Ultimate Spider-Man season review by yecasux

I began to view this series with an open mind.... Unfortunately the first few episodes were disappointing. I considered dropping the series, but the Venom episodes kept me around as it was actually interesting to me. I'm glad I hung around as the newest batch of episodes have shown to be a major improvement over the first few. The characters of Iron Fist and Luke Cage get more development, and we get to see the team actually working together and showing that yes, these characters do have a purpose. Nova has gotten the least attention of the team, but even he has gotten more bearable and seems less like a straight Jerkass and more of a rival who works together with the team. Even Nick Fury gets some development, but Colson and JJJ are still underused. Mary Jane is also underused, but I can understand that the writers want to focus on the team more than the classic supporting characters. The jokes have gotten more bearable, with less slap stick antics in the middle of fight scenes. The fourth wall breaking actually helps show Spider-Man's train of thought instead of being used as padding. As of this review I have seen all episodes up till snow day, and I gotta say while I still miss Spectacular, this series is doing its own thing, and it gets better with every new episode.


  • SpiderFan14
  • 20th Aug 12
Frankly I think the Sandman one was the best I've seen, they made him genuinely creepy and having him on an island in the middle of nowhere was surprisingly smart. Granted Nova was an idiot and I just wanted to see Whit Tiger in a bikini, it was a generally good episode.

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