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Reviews Comments: A Failure of Mythological Proportions Clash Of The Titans film/book review by Curious Heartless

Firstly, I am not an in-depth anylyzer, like most people who just want to watch a movie are, so I'm going to be quick and speak like a casual viewer. Secondly, Clash of the Titans really isn't all that bad a movie on its own, however it isn't great either. If you know anything, and I mean ANYTHING, about Greek mythology, this movie will make you question the intelligence of the people behind it and make it harder to enjoy. I am a Greek myth buff and was so annoyed I had to stop paying attention at points and just see it as pictures and dialog without actually thinking about them to be able to make it all the way through. The kraken scene is especially painful with anyone with any passing knowledge of the beast. T He characters aren't even all that likable in my opinion, they don't have much development past Perseus hating the gods, Hades being a jerk, and Io being in love with Perseus, while most of the characters are rather forgetable. That is literally all I picked up as a casual viewer.

Also, they had Hades as evil, which is a pet peeve. There also was not a single Titan in the whole movie, gods and monsters being treated as Titans which, again, a passing little bit of knowledge would tell you is wrong.

The action was kinda good, but not all that whelming. Many other movies have done much better. While the number may be lower that involve Greek mythology, well this movie is pretty in name only so it is still outdone. The animation was pretty good, and while I did not se it in 3D I doubt I missed much (Side-note: Shoehorned 3D sucks). However, these are very few good things, and this type of movie has been done to many times for some slight good things to count for much.

Overall: Enjoyable, but easily outclassed if you do not know anything about Greek mythology. If you only know a bit or plain don't care, still not the best movie but you may like it. If you actually like Greek myths, never watch this movie or constantly have an MST 3 K Mantra going the whole time and try to just not think. 6.5/10 Unbiased stars, but only 2/10 Gods approve.


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