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Reviews Comments: It's a dark fic, but it'll probably become known as THE lok darkfic Abuse Cycle fanfic review by prinnyd00d

Abuse Cycle is one of those things you should read just because of the impact it will have on the fanbase. It's pretty similar to the infamous Ranma 1/2 darkfic, "The Bitter End."

That is to say, Abuse Cycle takes all of Mako's nasty habits and extends them to a rather unfortunate conclusion. I say read the thing if you can stomach a darkfic, it's pretty well written all things considered. Abuse Cycle seems to be Lo K fan history in the making, for better or worse. Just keep in mind that Mako is probably not going to start smacking Korra up in canon any time soon.


  • homoshops
  • 2nd Jul 12
Can we get a link? The author? A way to find and read the fic besides the generic name?
  • kaosfell
  • 7th Jul 12
no need to link to the original. The author prefers you read RE.

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