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Reviews Comments: If this isn't the greatest work of fiction ever, I don't know what is. Twentieth Century Boys whole series review by philipmarie

BVM, Alot of books, films, etc... are labelled as the greatest works of literature or fiction ever, amongst them are Don Quixote, Watchmen, Anna Karerina, War and Peace, etc... 20th Century Boys in my opinion should be included amongst them because it is one of those works that is jsut PERFECT. Everything, from the characters, setting and narrative is perfect. There is not one boring moment, not one moment that feels its dragging for too long or any uninteresting characters. The heroes are all likeable though flawed like any good protagonist, the villains are truly, truly horrible people and the way the story is told, from the art, pacing, structure, the world it builds and revovles around is absolutely utterly good and beautiful.

I always said that Watchmen was my most favorite work of fiction ever and still is one of my most favorite. After reading this manga, I changed my mind. As I said, it is perfect, with great characters and a story that is just epic and huge. The best thing is that though it is depressing sometimes, it is mostly idealistic and the ending just leaves feeling satisfied over how everything, even the smallest of plot points were resolved and dealt with. It is highly, highly recommended. The greatest book I have ever read in my entire life.


  • morninglight
  • 28th Jun 12
Have you tried Pluto? It's my favorite Urasawa work. What's great about Urasawa is that his stories can be utterly dark and dour yet still have a streak of hope and idealism. Damn near everyone dies in Pluto but it retains a powerful positive message at the end. Another bonus is that he plans in advance, so he doesn't bullshit you for six years. 20th Century Boys is the antidote to Lost.

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