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Reviews Comments: Started off okay, and had a decent premise... Torchwood Miracle Day season review by Eagal

but ultimately failed to follow through adequately.

For starters, 90% of the season was dedicated to JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN! JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN! Also there's this whole immortality thing going on, but JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN!

The immortality subplot was really only exploited for Squick value and the villains were never clearly identified beyond being the never seen Man Behind The Man, where the man is The Omniscient Council Of Vagueness, JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN!, their goals in making Miracle Day happen are never explained and they don't seem particularly put out by Miracle Day being foiled. JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN!

The man that Jack has sex with JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN makes another appearance, and it turns out he for some reason is now some sort of ultrapowerful businessman that has access to alien tech that Jack's never heard of. JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN!

I don't mind the occasional hanky panky in a show, and I have no problems with homosexual hanky panky, but what I do have a problem with is when it's shoved down our throats (snerk) for no reason other than for the people in charge of the show to say JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN! JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN! There's this other stuff too I guess, but JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN!

Overall it's a terrible season that would have been better if they'd spent a little more time on the plot and a little less time on JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN!

3/10. Avoid at all costs.


  • Primis
  • 12th Oct 12
Number of times you mentioned that "JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN!": Eleven Number of times that actually shows up in Miracle Day: Two (About Fifteen Minutes, maybe. Fifteen Minutes of a Ten-Hour event)

This "review" just reeks of Have I Mentioned That I Am Heterosexual Today, especially the way you end it with Not That Theres Anything Wrong With That.

Every single one of those problems you mentioned either do have explanations (such as the motives of the villains), or simply aren't true (such as the immortality only being used for Squick). You'd know that if you were paying attention, but clearly you were focused on something else.
  • Eagal
  • 23rd Nov 12
The frequency of JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN is not really as important as the prominence thereof. Namely it being thrown in our faces and inexplicably being used for a plot point that is probably meant to be major but which doesn't really seem to have much effect on the story in any case.

I did not, at any point, assert that I am definitely positively not gay (with or without context), so it's not really HIMIAHT, so that's pretty much a baseless accusation.

I didn't say that immortality was ONLY used for Squick, I said it was mainly used for squick. Yes, there was a bunch of stuff about exploring the implications of how that would work out and what have you, but it really takes a back seat to "Zomgzorz that chick's neck did a 180 and she's still alive!" and "Hey will that guy still be alive if you cut his head off?" and suchlike.

The motives of the villains are vague at best. The three families want the world to be immortal because...What? Been awhile since I saw it, but I seem to recall something about it being a gift to the world? Or they want to rule it, maybe? Who knows. So, again, pretty much nothing to hold water for you there.

P.S. Your "comment" reeks of an angry fanboy. See there, I can be rude too. ;) Nah, seriously though, rudeness is not necessary. We're all friends here, non?
  • NimmerStill
  • 25th Feb 13
I saw it about half a year ago, and I remember nothing about JACK HAS SEX WITH A MAN (at least no more than any other Torchwood), and everything about the implications of immortality, which as I remember has some Squickyy consequences but that it was integrated well with its plot relevance.

I do agree with you that the motive of the villains was vague, and that the ending (last few episodes) was disappointing compared to the beginning, but overall this is a very unfair review, for these and the reasons that Primis metioned.

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