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Reviews Comments: A big meaty quarter-pounder of a game (spoilers) Mass Effect 3 game review by thrashunreal

The difference between what I expected of Mass Effect 3 and what I got is like ordering a Big Mac and getting a Double Big Mac. I knew it would be an awesome game, but nothing quite prepared me for just how great it would be.

The gameplay is a big improvement from the earlier games. More powers, power evolutions, weapons, armor, plus the return of weapon mods and the Weight Capacity system gives much greater customization to Shepard and the squad. The pain of hacking and scanning via Mako/magical probes is gone, with the new system of gathering resources being both simpler and far more dangerous — slip up and the Reapers’ll be happy to shove you back to your last save. Combat is faster, more fluid — and the enemies are much smarter. They won’t hesitate to smush you if they get the chance. For the most part, it provides a good challenge, but I really want to tape a pair of rakes to my hands and “hug” the guy who thought Banshees needed to be so durable.

This is a Bio Ware game, so saying the story is good is kinda pointless. There were many (manly) tears shed, as it all comes at a high price, even if you put in the work to get the best outcomes through all of the politics, fighting, and struggles. Just overhearing conversations lets you know just how much of a (mass) effect the war is having on the galaxy.

And of course…the ending. Honestly? I liked it, it was fine. Not a big flashy thing, but there was nothing wrong with it. It might be because I saw the choice my Rene-Shep would take less than halfway through the game. The relevation of the Catalyst wasn’t even surprising, considering the other games in the series have big relevations just before the end too. I was just holding out my hand, asking repeatedly for the keys.

That doesn’t mean I’m not waiting for the Extended Cut. If Mass Effect 3 is a nice and juicy hamburger, then the Extended Cut is cheese. A burger’s great on its own, but cheese makes everything better.


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