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Reviews Comments: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: A disppointing deviation of the original story Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter film/book review by Movie Brat

As a child, Abraham Lincoln witnessed his motherís death at the hands of a vampire. Over the course of his childhood up to adulthood, a now adult Lincoln (played by Benjamin Walker) swore vengence on his motherís killer. He finally meets the killer himself and actually attempted to kill him only to find out he is not exactly human as his gun barely did jack to the guy. He was saved by Henry Sturgess who reveals to him about the existence of vampires and how to kill them. During this, he not only befriends the likes of his childhood friend William Johnson and Mary Todd.

At the same time though, he catches the attention of the of the vampires who vows to kill the man who has been killing his kind while Lincoln himself is doing what he does best, get rid of slavery and ensure all men are created equal.

Admittingly, while I was entertained, the unforutnate truth is that the film is basically a total Hollywood-ized film. While I admit to not having read the book, I was told of a few things that deviated from the original novel.

There were also instances were Lincoln's narration was not needed, it basically broke the rule of visual storytelling: Show, donít tell.

Another unfortunate casulty is Mary Todd herself, while Winstead was pretty good in the role, she wasnít given much to do and itís only until the very end she gets her moment of awesome and when she does show emotion, nothing comes out of it. She still stays with Lincoln after what she had to find out herself.

However, seeing Lincoln as an action hero killing vampires was great and at times, he was shown thinking outside of the box at one point out smarting them. Benjamin Walker did a decent job as Lincoln himself and Anthony Mackie was just as awesome as William.

Then there was the idea of vampires always having been resposible for slavery from the Jews in Egypt, death of Christians and African slavery. That in itself is an intriguing idea and it was satisfying seeing the vampires get their comuppance.

The action sequences are good though the CGI at times can be cartoonish, the scene with the horses being the worst offender.

You might like this if you want to see something if youíre bored and you want to waste time or if you want to see one of Americaís greatest presidents killing vampires. But if youíre a fan of the novel, this isnít what youíre looking for.


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