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Reviews Comments: Had many intriguing ideas and I felt that it could have been much better! It's still enjoyable though! Hancock film/book review by elmomon 21

Unlike the previous review I actually enjoyed the concept of Hancock's and Mary's past and I believe that this film would've been a lot better if they found a way to balance out the drama of the third act with the humour of the first act as well as maybe making references to his past in a more subtle way; or maybe instead of film this could be integrated into a sort of mini-series?


  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 19th Jun 12
They should have just spread it out more, the beginning was lacking direction a little, and introducing that plot, whilst keeping the humour throughout instead of dropping it for 20 mins would have probably fixed everything
  • elmomon21
  • 19th Jun 12
That's what I mean by a mini-series! It would let them spread the story out while still probably being able to have a cinematic budget.

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