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Reviews Comments: The appreciation and gratitude of being a '90s kid. Toy Story whole series review by lilpurplebird

I was about three when Toy Story came into theaters, so I don't remember when I first saw it, nor my reactions to it. But as my parents, brothers and I loved it so much, Pixar has since then been a part of our household favorites.

The first movie is arguably aged, though it depends on how you look at it. Graphics-wise, yes, in some parts it is rather aged, but with story, dialogue and characters, it is timeless. That is where the charm is today. We can overlook it because of its old graphics, but you can't judge the movie by its cover. It's a perfect example of Pixar's talent for story-telling. Sure, this is the movie that changed animation history forever, and when you understand and have a love for animation, you have to admire Toy Story. But the kids of the '90s have held the first movie close to their hearts for reasons other than because it's a historic animated film.

And that is why I love Pixar. They have this love of story-telling and bringing these fictional characters, specifically for this review inanimate objects, to life. They understand their audiences, and that knowledge was what made Toy Story so successful. Sure, the ground-breaking graphics of the time helped tremendously, but as for the kids who grew up with and waited very patiently for the third installment that unexpectedly sent us off to adulthood, it goes deeper than that.

We had given them our hearts, and they handled each and every one with care.

Toy Story 3 is a love letter that may unfortunately be lost in future generations, as they may never understand just how meaningful it truly is in its depths.

But to those who do... let us thank Pixar and Toy Story for going to infinity and beyond.


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