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Reviews Comments: EXCELLENT TROPE ENTRY! MASK whole series review by opelmanz

Backstory - When I was about 5 years old, I broke my arm trying to be Tarzan in the closet. This was before you saw the "don't try this at home..." warning. I don't remember if I asked for it by name, but later that evening when my dad arrived at the hospital he brought a Jackhammer toy (and a stuffed animal). I darn near forgot about the arm.

Just recently turning 30, my best friend bought me volumes 1,2 and 3 and I am about halfway through. Damn I missed this show. I can't honestly say I remember everything, but the first time I saw the intro since I was a kid was a few years ago on youtube and I swear the rest of the song came right into my head before it finished. One of the more nostalgic feelings I've had in life thus far.

This trope review/commentary/background on M.A.S.K. is EXCELLENT and from what I can tell 100% accurate. I also learned about a few tropes I have never heard of by name before.

One I might add is the "terror" trope or "pro-military" trope, if I am getting it right. Is it not strange that Scott's dad is tasked with fighting terrorists (the kind that these days are blamed for killings and bombings and such) Scott is always saying "come on dad, can I come?" Can you imagine a show about a Special Forces father whose son begs to go out on the battlefield these days? Of course as kid I probably wasn't thinking about joining up, but I'm just saying. Also, even though the titles of the episodes might not have been on TV they are telling..."Highway to Terror" "The Ultimate Weapon" "Death from the Sky" "The Creeping Terror" "Assault on Liberty" etc.

There are also interesting social titles like "The Currency Conspiracy" and sci-fi themes like "Dinosaur Boy" (Star Trek Next Generation did an episode on this theme too)..

Regardless of any hidden messages or ulterior motives, I still love this show to death and probably wouldn't worry too much about my kids (none yet) watching it.

I just finished "Solaria Park" where VENOM used a giant solar collector to attack MASK...Remind anyone of Quantum of Solace? (I know it was in space, but similar)

This show may have been ahead of its time in more ways than one, but highly entertaining without a doubt.

Keep up the great work tropers!


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