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Reviews Comments: Missions 1-15 Tokumei Sentai Gobusters arc review by Supnitle

Hoooooly crap, this show is bad.

In no way is this a Sentai Deconstruction. I have literally no idea what you people are talking about. Have any of you SEEN Sentai shows? Practically everything Gobusters does, another sentai has done, and more than likely? It's been done better. Most of the quirks Gobusters has are simply an attempt at being "realistic," not with full on deconstruction intended. The realism comes off as decently as a show with teleporting spandex men can, but doesn't really help out with the shows problems. (And if you really consider it darker and edgier, I laugh in your face, because a competent villain, a hilariously angry blue, and chickens is not a dark show make.)

Easily the biggest flaw are the characters. You can tote "realistic development" all you want but that doesn't help the fact that even if it's realistic, these are flat boring characters. If I wanted to see completely realistic people I'D STEP AWAY FROM THE TOKUSATSU AND GO OUTSIDE. Hiromu's a blunt unlikable prick and his hints of a nice side come off as more inconsistent than as actual development. Yoko's a tsundere without enough tsun to be entertaining and she's a bad actor to boot. Ryuuji's decent, but would need some actually entertaining team members to be fun himself. Enter's a competent and entertaining villain, but not particularly deep or intriguing.

Plot's moving slow for a show that wants to be "different." Sure, Enter's doing stuff, but... weren't there people teleported into hyperspace or something we were thinking about? You know, the main plot? The shenanigans with Enter (and subsequently, practically the first third of the show) are basically just filler, no different than any other Sentai. Sure, Beet Buster walked in, but do you see that guy explaining himself any time soon?

In general, it's just a very low quality sentai. Fights aren't even spectacular; they're decent, but there aren't any really memorable action scenes. Mecha fights were great at first, but with the advent of Gobuster-Oh, they've gone to crap. (And that robot looks like crap to begin with, too.)

Gobusters is bland. Bland bland bland bland bland. It's just dull and boring to watch, and although Beetbuster's entertaining, he's not saving the show. Hope Gobusters becomes better, because at the moment? It's crap.


  • TerminusEst13
  • 12th Jun 12
A lot of people I've talked to about Go Busters have called it a "darker deconstruction of Power Rangers".

Every word in that sentence makes my head spin.
  • Ogiga99
  • 4th Jul 12
I completely disagree with everything in this review. The deconstruction argument is about a flawed fan perception and not something to be used when judging the show’s quality. All sentai show’s start off slow and have filler early so why are you expecting anything different? The main plot is not being solved because the character’s are currently unable to and doing so would end the show very fast.The characters are fine and develop consistently and insulting people who disagree with you is not helping your argument. Hiromu should not have changed completely yet and your complaints about Yoko are pure personal preference and acting complaints in a language you probably don’t speak and therefore can’t judge (if you do speak Japanese I apologize for this claim). Go-Busters is very original, doing everything it can to avoid the over-used Sentai tropes. The villain wins several times, the number of weapons and mecha is much smaller, the individual mecha have a purpose and the villain actually has specific goals on every episode. I know coming off of Gokaiger (which had to move at light speed to fit everything) and running alongside Akibaranger (which was much shorter) the show seems even slower but it is not any different than a normal series in terms of speed. I have no idea what you are using as a basis for your judgments. The budget is clearly very high in this show and everything is high quality. There is a lot more CGI fights, almost no stock footage, and a lot of unmorphed fights. This is just a rant about how Go-Busters is different and therefore sucks. Please actually have a good argument if you write a bad review or wait longer for your complaints to actually be valid.
  • KamenReview
  • 25th Nov 12
THANK YOU. After scouring the article for information on Go-buster's popularity I was dazed by the lack of any negativity and the claims of it being a "dark, edgy deconstruction".

I wanted to like this show- I want to like every sentai- but it's just so dulllll.

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