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Reviews Comments: Cliche, but in a Positive Way Thor film/book review by Rookiez 78

As a technical achievement, Thor stands just as strong as its brethren in the Marvel Cinemative Universe. The scenes in Asgard are just wonderful to look at, showing the more fantastical side of the universe and contrasting starkly against the icy wasteland of Jotunheim and the dusty New Mexico desert. The fights are good, the camera angles are used to good effect, and saying any more would be redundant because, as said, it's an MCU movie. No complaints to be had in the visuals.

Acting wise, it's also pretty spotless across the board, with both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston making outstanding star turns as Thor and Loki respectively. Thor would be easy to play as overly bombastic and dense, but Hemsworth finds a way around it by playing both traits as more endearing than annoying, since there is more dimension to the character. He brightens up the screen with each appearance, in good contrast to Hiddleston. He plays Loki in a way that matches appearance to performance near-perfectly, cementing Loki as a memorable villain in the MCU. Loki's strategic know-how and his childish ego is a combination that can be hard to pull off, but thankfully, Hiddleston juggles these facets well while evoking sympathy whenever possible.

Now, this next bit mostly comes from someone else I heard, but it's true to a T: out of the other Marvel movies, or superhero movies in general, Thor is probably the most Disneyesque in its execution, from the plucky side characters to the highly fantastical backdrop to the fairy tale-feel of the romance between Thor and Jane. Some bits of graphic violence aside, the film is barely PG-13 in comparison to those other movies, and the story and character tropes can make it extremely predictable. Loki's character arc and S.H.I.E.L.D aside, Thor hardly plays up much moral greys or subtlety, and the conclusion feels pretty bittersweet in contrast to the light-hearted tone that had been set up. Whether or not the Disney touch is a detriment is a subjective issue, but to me, considering that the film is centered around myth-inspired spectacle, the match works just fine. It has as much heart and humor as any decent Disney animated film, and if you like that mixed with epic action, this shouldn't disappoint.


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