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Reviews Comments: Not so bad as it seems Inheritance Cycle whole series review by Scorpius OB 1

Brief review: I've readen the entire tetralogy and, throwing aside all the faults that other people have commented, the books are an enjoyable reading and it seems the author has been improving as Eragon has been growing, but that's all can be said. Paolini is at light-years of Tolkien despite some reviews may say and Eragon is to Lord of the Rings what a MC Donald's is compared to a good restaurant: tastes well and fills but does not leave the same impression and it's quickly forgotten. The best example is the sad ending of the last book; I felt absolutely no empathy for Eragon, nor any other of the characters except for the poor villagers killed by the Urgals in the first book and maybe Brom while I remember to have felt quite sad when I ended The Return of the King, as the trilogy ended there. At least the end is not the same of "everything ends well with everyone happy".

The thing I disliked most was the Star Wars feeling of the two first books. Especially the "Luke, I am your father" moment of Eldest that was later retconned, as well as Galbatorix himself. I expected a better developed and deeper villain, not someone who does not appear until the last book -like his dragon-, and whose end is ... you know if you've readen it.

A fridge think: who could build a city (the Empire's capital; by the way, Galbatorix should have been emperor, not king) under a largue stone, even if it's reinforced with magic?

Guess that it happens when a book is self-published; at least is way better than what I've seen about the Maradonia saga. Or especially the movie.


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