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Reviews Comments: Interesting Ideas, Brilliant Actors, Inconceivably Stupendous Plot Inception film/book review by Amazing Lagann

This movie was mind boggling with how innovative it was. If you're smart, the plot is understandable, but you can't really just sit back and enjoy. Every moment was brilliantly set up, making connections everywhere. A thriller, shocking, and makes the thinking man question his reality once again. Indecisive, but decidedly so at the end, leaving one with questions comparable to Nineteen Eighty Four.

What makes this movie great is that it uses dreams to make a reverse heist movie with a complex, yet understandable story, with interesting settings and possibilities. The characters play well together, and Cob's back-story really sells the it. The setting of dreams allowed for interesting ideas to happen, but didn't stray into a Mind Screw. The plot was well paced, and had great connections and motif's scattered throughout. You could compare it to the Ocean's movies but none of them come close to Inception. Watch it, pay attention, and be amazed.


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