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Reviews Comments: Inspection The Spoony Experiment whole series review by Zero Credibility

Noah Antwiler - the Spoonyone - is a gifted comedian and internet reviewer. He's dedicated to his role as an entertainer, makes high quality and thoroughly enjoyable reviews and vlogs, is constantly improving his work, and looks over his own past reviews to see what he needs to improve on.

He is also constantly under the internet's microscope.

His personality and character is put to question as often as the content of his work! No other internet reviewer gets this much speculation and cries of outrage laid at their doorstep.

Maybe it's that although he ignores a large portion of trolls and dissidents, he does not suffer mass insults or gross stupidity lightly and he will call his fans out on it. Aggressively. He calls himself an asshole as he does this, and I wouldn't argue with that. But although I don't agree with his thick-skinned attitude or the way he acts, his hard-lining is never malicious or grudge-bearing. It's pretty much a matter of giving as good as he gets and moving on, no hard feelings attached.

Even though he shouts and raves at his fans in frustration... he also treasures them, talks to them with great familiarity and has even called them "a great fanbase." And that's the thing.

You watch hours of vlogs and reviews - both IC and OOC - and you're watching a thoughtful, open-minded and a good if not generally nice guy whose angry rants will make you laugh. When he's not being an intentionally defensive asshole on Skype/chatrooms - asserting that he's unequivocally right and laying on superiority for good measure - he'll explain his thoughts in a way that is engaging and entertaining to watch. On all accounts, he's fun to work with and to be around, where the only problem is if you legitimately piss him off (some may be able to relate).

He's just a guy, more complex than a couple of labels or quick impressions. Give him a break from inspection now, maybe?

I'm not trying to defend him - he's definitely said things I don't agree with or I think are idiotic. However, after 4 years of watching the man this is my conclusive review/summary of him and his work. A clever, innovative and always improving comedian whose reviews/vlogs are definitely worth watching (I highly recommend them), and a good guy who will be an asshole if he feels it's needed.


  • maninahat
  • 7th May 12
That's a pretty fair review.

Having watched a lot of Spoony's videos, I don't think I've ever come across the asshole Spoony that reviewers always go on about. Even if he was an asshole, I don't see why reviewers are so keen to review a person, rather than the show.
  • TheChupacabra
  • 8th May 12
@zero & @maninahat Exactly, I never really understood the treatment that some on this website(especially on DMOS page)tend to give Spoony
  • ZeroCredibility
  • 21st May 12
A bit late, but thankyou for your comments. I'm glad at least someone understood what I was trying to get at (I didn't know if I'd succeeded or not...).

I agree with you guys. I find it rather frustrating when so many people criticize his personality and not his work. And I'm sorry to say it, but the internet will NEVER know the entirety of Noah Antwiler, and that's kind of the point. We don't know him in real life, we only see snippets that give us aspects of his personality. If you want to judge him on that, then fine, but I find it very hypocritical for so many people to criticize him when I am 100% certain that at least some of those critics give snide/asshole-like remarks on the internet to people that they deem are being insulting or idiotic. It doesn't mean that these people are bad people, it just means that's how they act on the internet.

... Aaaand why am I re-wording my review? *facepalm* Ah damnit.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who happened to read this review. Hope you got something out of it... even if it was just laughing at my stupidity.
  • Nivaris
  • 23rd May 12
In my own humble opinion, I think a large percentage of the hate comes from the sacred cow that is Final Fantasy, namely 10, and its Fan Dumb. Not bashing FFX or even fans of FFX except for the psychotic ones who shall brook no difference of opinion! Check out some of the reviews for that game specifically, I think there are longer rants on there than the ones on Twilight!

Also, and I have no evidence to back this up other than a website that seems devoted to Butt Hurt Fan Boys but something to do with some chick named Scarlett and her "tyrannical run of the Spoony Experiment forum. A dark age where the hammer of banishment was used against all who did not praise the Spoony One!" Sounds to me like most of the haters were former fans that got banned during this "dark age" and now scream their hatred at what they once praised.

  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 24th May 12
For someone who triggered pretty much every oh-no sentence flag possible, (In my humble opinion, sacred cow, Fan Dumb, Not bashing... except, Twilight comparision, butt hurt, Fanboys, and haters *) that was a surprisingly non-flamey comment
  • Nivaris
  • 24th May 12
Is...Is that an offhanded compliment?
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 24th May 12
Even I'm not sure. I read your first line and thought 'here we go again' and then it turned out to be okay :D You didn't flame and you have skill at not quite flaming despite using the worst of flamey language, which is a genuinely useful skill, on the other hand you started a sentence with 'In my own humble opinion,' and I didn't detect irony (although there could have been, I'm not a metal detector)

  • Nivaris
  • 25th May 12
I did intend it to be slightly ironic because anyone that claims they're humble isn't really humble. I'm guessing there's like a page for the those oh-no sentence flags? I don't like flaming or bashing, it's actually one of the things that made me hesitant to comment or review anything on here because most of the stuff I've gotten involved in has just turned out to be big flame wars.

  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 25th May 12
Ah okay, apologies :D
  • Rahkshi500
  • 22nd Jun 12
I feel sorta neutral about Spoony. At times he makes me laugh, other times not. I can't completely judge him. Maybe he is a good person underneath it all, but even then sometimes there are moments he does do something wrong but when is called on it, he doesn't take responsibility and would even decry those who prove him wrong about something. It's moments like those where I can't help but feel anger or even sometimes hate towards it. Maybe it's why I can understand to an extent where the haters come from.

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