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Reviews Comments: I'm Just Here fo Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother whole series review by brazillianboy 122

As the title says, I only watch this show because Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris are among my favorite actors. Everyone else is just...bland and boring. I can't really summon up any other strong feelings about the show. That is not a good thing. Even hatred would be better than straight up apathy. None of the other characters are interesting enough for me to care about at all. I don't really think its a coincidence that Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris are the only actors to have careers outside of the show.


  • JobanGrayskull
  • 23rd Apr 12
The show has been spinning its wheels for quite some time now. I totally agree that NPH and Jason Segel are the best and most talented part of it all. Still, they make it worth watching in general.
  • marcellX
  • 23rd Apr 12
Alyson Hannigan doesn't have a career outside the show?
  • Sligh333
  • 24th Apr 12
They all have careers, even if the general public doesn't know them all. But yeah, Alyson is probably the most famous one other than NPH.

All of them used to be quite good on the first seasons. Now they are just running out of what to do with the plot, in my opinion. It was a good run, but it is time to end it before it drowns everybody in apathy.

At this point it's really a matter of whether the show runners prefer one more GOOD season or 2-3 boring ones.
  • Wackd
  • 24th Apr 12
The showrunners don't own the show. If CBS wants 2-3 more seasons, they'll order them, as long as they can keep the five lead actors around. The best thing Thomas and Bays can do is stand their ground and keep the damage of the stretch to a minimum.

EDIT: Thanks to below poster. Dunno how I made that mistake. But I think my point stands.
  • Roonerspisms
  • 1st May 12
^ Unrelated, but "Carter and Bays" is just one of the writers: Carter Bays. The other one is Craig Thomas, so it should be "Thomas and Bays".
  • LaCapitana
  • 2nd May 12
I think that they are going to stop at season 8.In the show, you see that Ted's first kid is born in 2015, so there IS a set time limit that they will have to follow.

I think How I Met your Mother is great, though. Some episodes are amazing. Some are just eh. I actually really like all the characters and the actors. Also each episode is only like, 20 minutes long so you can get caught up in it really fast.

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