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Middle Disney
A fun movie. It revels in the fantastic, and it feels like whoever made it did their best to have fun, so we like it, too.

It's not as bad as 'New Disney', as I like to call it. I was surprised at how much heart it has for a Disney movie that wasn't hand-drawn. It's nothing short of heartwarming.

That said, it's not 'Old Disney' either. It's somewhere in the middle. A giant chunk of the movie is comprised of silly, lighthearted gags, and there are so many parts that reek of being there for marketing purposes I lost count. And it tries to become a serious movie in direct contradiction of this. It's a serious Mood Whiplash, going from one side of the silly/serious scale to the other and staying there for the rest of the movie within ten minutes. You'll have to deal with that, sorry, but if you can forget about the prior silliness when it's serious, you'll be fine.

Also, these people do not understand time travel. It's bunk all the way through. Not even the rules of fun and cool can prevent the mechanics from getting under your skin, and to watch this you'll have to accept that and ignore the premise.

The ending seems rather rushed, like they made this carefully-crafted movie and said 'oh, jeez, we need to make the connection to the future in ten minutes'. And it'll melt your heart into a puddle anyway. I'm serious here, it's absolutely adorable.

If you're going to watch it and you don't figure everything out until it's told to you, watch it again. Not just a recommendation, a necessity. It becomes five times better because it all makes sense.

Also, Wilbur alone justifies watching this movie.
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