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Reviews Comments: Not as bad as it's made out to be. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull film/book review by uncannybeetle

I understand that people hate the fridge scene. I find it ridiculous too. And the mere presence of good ol' Shiah causes major annoyance.

But as the Angry Videogame Nerd has pointed out, the Indiana Jones movies have done many ridiculous things before without casuing a fan uproar.

I think this film fell victim to unrealistic expectations. People expected another Raiders of the Lost Ark. If this was the 80s that would have been reasonable. All I went to see was a fun tribute, which is exactly what I got.

The movie is fun and has pretty good action scenes, though not the best. The plot does something a little different, veering from the strictly supernatural, while still hitting the expected notes.

Just like you would not expect Independence Day to be anything more than an awesome popcorn flick, expecting this to reach the full height of the Indiana Jones franchise would have been impossible.

That said, I still feel that this is the easiest one to rewatch after the original. Speaking of which, I should rewatch that again. Henry Jones jr. still shoots first!


  • Tuckerscreator
  • 9th Apr 12
Same here. Hardly anyone complains about things like, say, Indiana in Raiders of the Lost Ark holding his breath for several miles while riding on that submarine. This series is a tribute to old adventurer serials, where everybody did stuff like that.
  • AllsparkSpinOut
  • 14th Jun 12
Gotta agree with the reviewer. Although it's not so much "unrealistic expectations" that sank it as much as "whiny 'fans'."

Seriously, George Lucas has the worst fans ever. I'm a Transformers fan, and even though we have GEEWUNners, at least they don't make up most of the goddamn fandom.
  • Wackd
  • 14th Jun 12
I liked it! It wasn't brilliant, but it made sense why they did what they did. The originals were adventure serial homages and took place in the thirties. Twenty years later, we get a sci-fi homage taking place in the fifties.

I wish they would've played with that a bit more, but as it stands what we got was fine.

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