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Friendship is most certainly magic
About ten months ago, I hated My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but now? Now, it's my most watched television show. The writing? Fantastic. The characters? Well defined. The Jokes? Classic. Not many faults can be found on the show, until you reach the internet that is. No matter what you do as a 'brony' (A fan of the show outside the normal demographic) you will be chastised. Sites Like Equestria Daily and FimFiction are the only two places of refuge from the haters in all honesty. Back on topic though, a lot of fans of the show stray into Fan Dumb. If you look past the bad fans, you have a community of people dedicated to an awesome show


Your favourite episodes?
comment #13686 Kerrah 6th Apr 12
Why did you initially hate it?
comment #13690 Tuckerscreator 6th Apr 12

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