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Reviews Comments: Horrible Ultimate Spider-Man episode/issue review by Spider Fan 14

This was a terrible pilot episode.

Right off the bat, the monologues felt like they were directly talking down to the audience as if the never heard of Spiderman. Pretty sure everyone on the fucking planet has. Then there were about a minute and a half intros for people like MJ and Harry Osborn. We didn't need this long an explanation for the previous show, Spectacular Spiderman. It essentially it made the viewer hold its hand and point out everything it needed instead of letting people do their own damn work. Drake Bell's voice added to this annoyance with his somewhat obnoxious voice sounding too high pitched compared to Josh Keaton.

With Norman Osborn's appearance, he wastes no time in hitting the audience over the head with how evil he was. Nothing in this show was subtle. The overall designs were kinda mute as were facial expressions. The fourth wall gags and most of the humor seemed juvienille and very very much of an indication of padding, overall it was very mediocre. Only saw one episode and it was one too many.


  • MFM
  • 2nd Apr 12
I feel like you could have elaborated on your criticisms more. Your first paragraph doesn't have any real ones; it's more that the show did some things differently from Spectacular Spider-Man, and this inherently makes them bad or something. Given the length at which you do so, you're left only a shorter paragraph to talk about every other problem you had with the show, making the review seem rushed.
  • ParadiscaCorbasi
  • 2nd Apr 12
And everyone on the planet over, say, the age of four, probably knows the origin. But kids who are just reaching the age to care about superhero shows, might not know the whole history, so it was a very good intro. Shows that have a history like this have to start from the assumption that not every viewer has been with the character since his original appearances in the comics over 30 years ago.
  • qtjinla15
  • 3rd Apr 12
Yeah, I mean, its kind of obvious its aimed at young children. Children who probably wouldn't even know about Spiderman let alone the Marvel Universe.
  • JianDaGe
  • 6th Apr 12
In total agreement with this review.

Giving its target audience more information about the basic gist of the story may be necessary, but the way the show just does it is obnoxious, spelling everything out in big bold letters (which tragically isn't even hyperbole on my part) because 'subtlety' is apparently a word the show's creators have zero regard for.

Take that along with the cringeworthy attempts to force Spidey with tech he really should have no business using and its obnoxious treatment of the fourth wall, Ultimate Spider-Man comes across as a bratty six-year old that needs to make a scene out of every accomplishment he has on his belt.

I don't know whether or not kids would or wouldn't enjoy it, but from what I've seen, I don't think its creators are in a rush to pander it to any other demographic.
  • KiraBlaize
  • 7th Apr 12
After watching the first two eps, I have to say that I actually enjoy it. Sure it tries a little too hard to be funny. But at the same time, I can EASILY see it becoming darker and more serious for some story arcs.

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