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Reviews Comments: My Favorite Animated Movie, Hands-Down. All Dogs Go To Heaven film/book review by cgsilverscreen 2020

If you have not seen this movie, see it. It is just that good. I mean, it's REALLY GOOD. Where to begin? Charlie Barkin (good one.) is a low-life German Shepard/Great Dane/Collie loan shark that has been framed by his partner, Carface (HA.). Once he escapes the dog pound with the help of his pal Itchy, he returns to the casino that he ran with Carface and soon he kills Charlie by getting him drunk and running him over with a car. In Heaven, Charlie meets a whippet angel that presents him with his life watch telling him that it has stopped. Charlie successfully steals the watch from her and winds it back, sending him back to Earth. The whippet angel tells Charlie that, "you can never come back". I.e., once his watch stops ticking, he goes to Hell. Charlie reunites with Itchy and the two find an orphan girl named Anne-Marie who is under Carface's cruel care. Charlie kidnaps the girl because he realizes she can talk to animals, thus making her predict who will win at the horse track. After the two make a fortune, Charlie buys new clothes for the girl. Eventually, Charlie notices that he shares a bond with the girl and begins to rediscover himself. That is the moral of the story: No matter how deep in a hole you are you can always rediscover yourself if you just LISTEN to those you care about and yourself. You can move mountains once your rediscovery is complete.

Overall, the movie is fantastic. Stunning visuals, excellent voice acting (Burt Reynolds as Charlie is AWESOME and Dom Deluise is as always HILARIOUS as Itchy), awesome dialogue, even FACIAL EXPRESSIONS play a big role. The story is excellent as well, as are the subplots. Would I recommend this to anyone? That's hard to say. Young children may get frightened by the visuals and the story. However, my cousin was 4 when she saw this for the first time (2009) and she loved it. I was 7 when I first saw this (1998) and it scared the living crap out of me. Even so, this movie is EXTREMELY UNDERRATED. My final score? 10/10.


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