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Reviews Comments: So much potential Alone In The Dark game review by chitoryu 12

I'm close to beating the 2008 remake, and I have to say that I'm disasspointed. Not necessarily because I was expecting better (I'd already heard all the screaming about it), but because the game shot so high and missed.

Sure, the story is a bit generic and Lucifer never even makes an appearance in person. A sequel will probably never develop after the poor reception of this game. But the game tried to do so much and make a unique experience, and you can see just how much effort was put into it. The controls are complicated specifically because there's so much that can be done. You've got first and third person fighting, climbing, and manipulation of physics objects, driving, puzzles, etc. You can switch seats in a car and open the glovebox to look for supplies or look around for the keys, switch to first person while climbing a rope to shoot at attacking enemies instead of just trying to move fast enough to avoid being knocked off, use the epic fire to create traps, knock down doors with whatever objects you have available....

Oh, and I actually liked the drive to Central Park. As hard as that scene was, one cannot deny the epicness of it.

And it all feels unfinished. Buggy and stiff animations and physics, clunky and slow controls, an imprecise inventory system that doesn't pause the game when using it, and so many other problems. The huge Central Park doesn't even become a true sandbox until close to the end of the game, with most of it being a relatively linear romp. It's like the developers had so many ideas that they wanted to implement, but they were rushed to finish it by someone in charge. It's sad to see the potential this game had to be a truly innovative and entertaining experience, all while knowing that it'll probably never be finished.


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