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Reviews Comments: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood/manga: A must watch Fullmetal Alchemist whole series review by Doomful Lord

I have to first admit I do not normally write reviews but comment on them, this series is just so high on my favorites (#1) that I HAD to write a good review.

The series as a whole reflects and rounds about a VERY fulfilling plot. You get to know the characters in the beginning in an almost random fashion, but makes complete cohere sense and puts you straight into the plot. Even the new episode for Brotherhood worked in perfectly. After getting you into the main plot, everything thickens and stirs giving you a feeling of "What's next. Oh he'll be fine. OH WAIT, he did what!?!?", you can really only GUESS what will happen next, and unlike most plots it probably won't be right.

The characters all interact wonderfully with their full personalities down to their random funny moments. Even the non lampshaded subtleties of ed's alchemy style gives you a lot of know how of his personality and likes, and the lamp shaded just confirms your suspicion. The adaptability of alchemy to it's user clearly just in itself, help you know the character by that alone. Ed gets more hasty, Al draws it out by hand and gets a clean good result. Mustang's flames clearly shows his authority, and Armstrong's finely sculpted statues of himself just tell you, not vanity in my opinion, but very hammy pride. Then the pick yourself up and stop sulking attitude very clearing stated to others tell you of the series, and the characters so much. It gives me tears of pure joy thinking of it. I want to find an american flag and go to way with it, and it only.

Generally. There is a lot i want to put in, but saying too much would be bad. But, if my words of praise alone should tell you how well this anime/manga can swell you over, then really do the details matter when you can learn it all yourself? Also, if you wondering. I recommend the anime due to being that much more immersion. Black and white print can be good to some. But, if I can see and hear it, I feel so much more comfortable, and the english acting is top notch. A MUST WATCH!!!!


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