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Reviews Comments: If you can stomach the character bashing, it's pretty good. The Wild Horse Thesis fanfic review by Hyp3r B14d 3

Warning: Unmarked Spoilers

The fic, while mainly pretty good, goes out of its way to bash basically every Ranma One Half character other than Ranma, Kasumi, and, oddly enough, Cologne and Nabiki. Ranma is written without any of his flaws, while pretty much every other recurring character (with the aforementioned exceptions) has every character flaw they were ever written with accentuated. By the end of the story, every recurring male antagonist (and Shampoo) is dealt with, several in rather jarring manners ( notably: Kuno is castrated, Mousse and Shampoo are crippled using the moxibustion technique, Mousse is also mode-locked as a duck, and Ryouga is killed), while Ranma makes out like a bandit. That said, if you can look past the character-bashing and blatant favoritism, the fic is damn good. And if you can't look past the character bashing and blatant favoritism, just don't read the scenes involving the Ranma One Half characters once Ranma is dropped into the Neon Genesis Evangelion world and ignore the last chapter.

The Evangelion characters are pretty much dead-on in their characterizations, and what bashing is involved comes mainly from Ranma (who is very vocal about his opinions toward the characters in Evangelion that he doesn't like). The fic deals a lot in wish-fulfillment, but manages to do it in a manner that doesn't feel like dues ex machina (well, any more than a smarter, less impulsive Ranma with better social skills replacing Shinji counts as a dues ex machina). The series initially follows the Evangelion storyline pretty closely, with Ranma's changes being minor, but by the end of it, Ranma manages to form enough alliances to manage to turn everything around and save the day, which comes off feeling like a Fix Fic done right. And then you hit the last chapter, and the ending takes away from it.

All in all, the Neon Genesis Evangelion portions are done better than the Ranma One Half portions (unless you basically hate all the characters in Ranma One Half, in which case you'll enjoy seeing them get their comeuppance), and the fic probably would have been better if it hadn't had the Ranma One Half character reaction interludes and had ended one chapter earlier with Ranma never being sent back.


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