Reviews Comments: Best Fi M episode? nah.

Best Fi M episode? nah.
Best Fi M episode? nah. Pinkie Pie tries to befriend the tough donkey Cranky in this episode. But like Gilda he refuses friendship. The episode opens with the song Smile where everypony sings along. Appleack was not in last episode but she has a short role here. Then Pinkie Pie later on chases Cranky but it's not that easy to befriend him again. So will Cranky find that special some donkey under the Heart and Hooves season? It's not the best Fi M episode and the songs are forgettable. There is not a bad Fi M episode but this could had been better. But just watch this episode if you love the hyperative party pony anyway.


"Smile" is forgetable? Surely you jest. It was far and away the best Pinkie song yet. It's getting close to being my favorite song (no mean feat, given Kasumi Evans' previous contributions.) The episode as a whole was not that impressive, but that song made it worthwhile.
comment #12934 SolarFox 22nd Feb 12
I agree with SolarFox. The other songs are probably forgettable in the sense that they're about 45 seconds total and two of them are based on existing songs, but "Smile, Smile, Smile" is marvelous. And yeah, the episode has problems that I've pointed out myself, but I couldn't help but grin at Pinkie's antics.
comment #12937 OmniSonic 22nd Feb 12 (edited by: OmniSonic)
I find it hard to believe that "Smile" is a forgettable song especially given that the meaning of the song is deep and meaningful and given that in real life, you wouldn't find people that would try to make everyone around them smile, I find Smile a treasure in terms of songs sung by Pinkie Pie.
comment #12946 GintaxAlvissforever 22nd Feb 12
I thought pinkie pestering cranky was funny because well i don't like donkeys and introverts get on my nerves with their bitchy attitude towards me when i try to be nice. So i know how pinkie feels you try to be nice and the person is just a jerkass to you because they want to make you just as miserable as them.
comment #23831 animefanboy67 14th Apr 14
Valuing your privacy doesn't make you a jerkass. Pinkie Pie's actions were invasive and rude. That was kinda the point of the episode.
comment #23837 Pannic 14th Apr 14
It was if she didn't do that then there wouldn't be an episode. I noticed this plotline was used in a lot in past shows where the character who is popular discovers the one who just "doesn't" like them so they go through so much shit to try and get them to like them until the end the main character realizes he/she should be happy with the people who do like them and realize that some people just want to be left alone. Oh wait that was the lesson she had to learn...My problem is I always have to defend her no matter wrong she is in an episode because i think people are just a tad bit harsh sometimes.
comment #23840 animefanboy67 14th Apr 14

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