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Reviews Comments: Gokaiger: Could have been better. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger whole series review by Slow Teddy

As the series has met its end I think its time to give my full thought on this series. This show really felt like it was about Marvelous and Joe half the time. Not much focus was given to the rest of the Gokaigers and I believe that they haven't really grown much throughout the series. They do learn, as a group, how to respect their Super Sentai heritage by the end, but they seem to have little growth individually.

One of my biggest peeves with this series is the incredibly boring Zangyack. To help understand the point against the villains this year, just imagine how much less Gekiranger or Magiranger (or Time Force and In Space) would have felt for their stories without the villains to make you care about what they are actually fighting against and why. If those teams just had a threat whose only power came through numbers, and their own stories never once mattered.

People say it's "awesome" for the fighting and the transforming into other suits.Who here thought it was awesome because an evil empire was fighting against a band of terrorists like the Gokaigers? Who here thought it was awesome because there was a giant evil empire a la Star Wars that truly needed to be defeated to bring peace to the galaxy in an emotionally and story driven way?

How much better of a show would have Gokaiger have been if it had a full and resolved story from start, middle, and end where it where their foes weren't just excuses to use new powers and fight? How much would would this show had been changed if it was just random blank robots fighting all the time and the Gokaigers just decide to try out new suits each time, getting the exact same results and "showy" fight scenes that people love?

Defeating a large number of ships and random grunts, while fun for Shoot-Em-Ups and Dynasty Warriors style games, does not give that to me. Zangyack were not "awesome" villains of foes, they were just basic foes for the sake of fighting and that's okay at best, never "awesome".

The vast majority are in love with this show and I understand it, but given time and when people look back, revisited, or see it when it's no longer new? This issue, the story over all, will decrease in value. A good to great show, but not one that was perfect or without faults, a show that could have been the best Sentai of all time with a better story and villains.


  • JillBug
  • 21st Apr 12
So what about those of us who enjoyed Gokaiger BECAUSE it was for show? Complex stories, characters and villains are great, but I can't agree that Gokaiger was any the less of a series because it chose spectacle over what might be considered substance. Sentai is about its heroes not its villains, and that is what Gokaiger celebrated.
  • SlowTeddy
  • 13th May 12
Okay? I think you forgot that this is a review that is made from MY opinion.
  • JillBug
  • 14th May 12
Okay? I think you forgot that it is your OPINION.
  • SlowTeddy
  • 22nd Jun 12
So do you have a point then?
  • JillBug
  • 22nd Jun 12
My point is it'd be nice to be you and come from a future where you can accurately say how people will and should react to the show. Pity.
  • TerminusEst13
  • 22nd Jun 12
Reviews are not demanding that you agree with them.

Please stop treating them like they are.

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