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Law And Order | UK: Get's Better as it Goes
While my learned colleague below may disagree, Uk has a certain charm that has been missing since Adam Schiff left The Mothership. DS Brooks is based off of Briscoe, with bits of Fontana thrown in. He's a bit bland in the early episodes, but gets more interesting as it goes on. DS Devlin was based off of Logan, Curtis, and sadly, Greevy. Devlin was protective of his colleagues, and in the end he sacrificed his life for Alesha and a young witness. DS Casey is his replacement, and he is a mix of Green and Lupo, with Stabler's temper. He seems to have deep seated anger issues, but he'll probably get over it soon. Thorne is clearly young Mc Coy, and acts as such. Alesha is a mix of all the AD As, from Paul Robinette's hate of the Race card, to Carmicheal's temper.
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