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Reviews Comments: The premise itself is ridiculous Warrior Cats whole series review by Flash Gaze

When I first came across Warrior Cats, I was eight years old. The book in question was Sunrise. I have to admit, I enjoyed it, even though I really had no idea what was going on. A year later, I decided to read the first two books in the first series.

So, basically, I was reading them all out of order. Well, that didn't matter much, because a few days after finishing Into the Wild, I realized just how completely stupid the idea is. Cats assembling into clans and all that. The prose is all right, but when you really get down to it, it's boring. With each new "arc", the characters grew flatter and flatter. Firestar, who was once the hero of the clans, wound up doing next to nothing. The series is victim to Ensemble Darkhorse, for some reason or another. The supporting cats barely have any personality. Mousefur is crabby, sure, but then there are plenty of Elders like that.

Starclan and the Warrior Code wound up influencing everything, I am serious. The Warrior Code, which makes no sense at all. Starclan, which doesn't know every single thing out there, and yet the Clan cats keep looking to them for answers.

Again, Erin Hunter apparently really likes cats, but she just fails biology. Forever. At least in the Guardians Of Gahoole, which has quite a few similarities, the author tries to teach us a little about owls.

The first arc or whatever was good enough, but then it just started going downhill. Listen, everyone: There are plenty of children's books out there with blood and all that. Warrior Cats is not special.

The bonus editions or whatever you want to call them are good, though. Since they're self-contained stories (long self-contained stories at that), we don't have to go on and on with the same underdeveloped characters. Also, I don't know why, but it has made me cry. Several times, actually.

Its one of those things that seem okay on the first read, but then when you actually think about it, they're just plain ridiculous.

-So concludes my review here. It would have been a lot longer, but let me just say this: If you want a series with mechanical characters and embarrassing lexicon (almost as embarrassing as in that owl series!), which is also a Franchise Zombie, then look no further.


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