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Reviews Comments: A very surprising experience. Dragon Age II game review by thebobmaster

After about a year, I decided to pick up Dragon Age II, as it was only $20, and I had the money to spare. Was it worth it, though? I mean, after all I heard about it being one of the worst games out last year, would I still enjoy it?

Surprisingly, the answer was yes, for me. I heard a lot of complaints about the characters, but honestly, I think I actually like the characters in DA 2 more than the original. Yes, the original had Alistair and Morrigan, but for every great party member like those two, there were more characters like Shale (HK-47...AS A GOLEM!) or Sten (he got a little character development, but not very much). As for the story in DA 2, I was pleasantly surprised by it. To me, it is one of the few games I would truly say understands what "Grey vs Grey Morality" is. There are no good guys, there are no bad guys. Each side has good and bad parts to them. And that is a refreshing look. The only truly evil character I can think of is a somewhat minor villain, who is a psychotic serial killer you encounter about 2/3rds of the way through the game.

That's not to say the game is perfect, however. The repeating environments are a bit annoying, and the constant mobs popping up are also tiresome. but most of all, this is titled Dragon Age II. There aren't many connections to the first game. I mean, some enemy types are the same, and you see some characters from the first game, and you visit one location from the first game. But other than that, and some references to events from the first game, this game could very well be a spinoff.

In the end, despite the flaws in the repetitive environments and pop-up mobs, this game is a well-made game. It's just a shame that the game is called Dragon Age II. If not for that, the game would likely have been more well-received. As it is, however, people who play the game and go into it expecting more of Dragon Age: Origins will walk away disappointed. And anyone who is absolutely in love with the characters from the original, only to find them mostly gone from the sequel, will be disappointed as well. And even those who return may not be as you know them (hi, Anders!). But if you can get over it being a sequel, and judge the game on its own merits, or even as a spinoff, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Even at their worst, Bioware is capable of putting out quality products.


  • McSomeguy
  • 1st Feb 12
Well that's a pretty reasonable rev-... Wait ... You like Alistair and Morrigan but disliked Shale and Sten? What is this I don't even ... Fine, whatever.
  • thebobmaster
  • 1st Feb 12
I didn't necessarily dislike Sten, but I found him to be a fairly flat character. There just wasn't much depth to him that I could find. As for Shale, it was not so much not liking the character, but just feeling that she was a retread of HK-47. And I liked HK-47 in KOTOR, not so much in Dragon Age. Alistair I liked for being a snarky bastard, who still had a lot of depth to him, and while I disliked Morrigan's personality, I enjoyed the depth of her character.

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