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Reviews Comments: a crime show with something for everyone Castle whole series review by Cherilynn L Ombre

Castle is a tough show to sum up in one word, good, bad, boring, fascinating... What it is, is a well acted show with some funny moments, some intense moments and a LOT of sexual tension. What makes the drawn out tension work in Castle is the chemistry between the actors (Stana Katic and Nathen Fillion). Another wonderful thing about the show is that the quality doesn't drop off once you move past the main characters, the secondary characters are given plenty of attention and charicterization. I love the show in its cheerful humorous moments-with plenty of Firefly shout-outs for Fillions flans- especially the verbal fist-fights between Castle and Beckett. That's not to say, however, that the show doesn't do heartwarming or sad. Every scene is treated with care, sad moments are not overly dramatic and intense moments make your heart pound without sending you into cardiac arrest. I cannot say in simple words what an enjoyable experience watching this show is. I highly recomend it to anyone who likes crime dramadies, and even to those who do not, as you may find yourself engaged in the characters if not so much the mysteries.


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