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Reviews Comments: Totally Worth it. Spider Man The Animated Series whole series review by seth1r 11

This series is worth your time if you like superheroes. I was a little worried when I watched it again, if it was pure nostalgia or all the dumb things I heard about it that I wouldn't have noticed when I was a kid. Turns out the worries were unfounded. It's a good series; the characters are good an the plots are tight. Really there isn't much to dislike about the series! Some people complain about the 'stun-guns' and whatnot being lame mandates, but the level of science here actually supports it an they don't feel terribly out of place. The bad things that are there are: stock-footage, which is way overused, and stuff like not saying blood. That one just made Morbius a facepalm worthy villain. And then there is the ending: Dispite the fact that Mary Jane isn't found in the series, it still ends on a high note. It ends saying "yes, we are going to find her now." and everything that was just shown was perfect for a finale. All in all, despite some dumb sections, this show is worth watching, I still love it even today.


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