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Reviews Comments: A pleasant surprise Regular Show whole series review by Rookiez 78

A good gripe I've had with some of the newer cartoons I've seen on the air these days is that most of them seem to exist in a spectrum where they're either incredibly shallow, cliche, or just about as open and heartwarming as a pickle jar in the freezer. I was afraid that Regular Show would fit in either category, given that the art style wasn't anything new to me and the plot looked like a Beavis And Butthead knock-off. Still, a friend of mine said it was fine, and since this was the same friend who introduced me to Sym Bionic Titan, it didn't take much before I watched some bits of it on Youtube.

The show builds off a lot from the personality of its two main character Mordecai and Rigby: laid-back, at times a bit frumpy, but nonethless good-hearted and always up for a crazy adventure, whether it's going through the little things in life like girls and work or saving themselves from some cosmic horror. What actually impressed me is the dynamic between the characters. You always know that they're cartoons, but you can also tell that J. G. Quintel and his team accrued a lot of their own life experiences (namely college or the first real job) to tell a believable yet kooky Slice Of Life story with relatable characters. On that note, the characters are actually nicer and more down-to-earth than I gave them credit for. The boss Benson can be cranky, but looks out for his employees even at their worst. Margaret, Mordecai's love interest, actually gets to know the guy who visits her at work all the time, even if only on a platonic level. I even like the art style: the simple, almost watercolor-style backgrounds being wonderfully deceptive to the actual insanity that can go on in the last third of every episode.

Overall, if you give Regular Show whirl, you'll find something that you'll like.


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