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Reviews Comments: The Best going on right now Phineas And Ferb whole series review by raidpirate

I got into this show about three years ago, and it's simply awesome. The characters are enjoyable and aren't mean spirited, they're actually a lot of fun to watch. The show may have a basic formula, but there needs to be credit with the fact on how successful the formula is.

Another thing that this show surprised me with is how good the songs are. I generally hate songs in shows, but the songs in Phineas and Ferb are really good and some of them are hilarious and catchy. Phineas and Ferb has done just about all the types of songs you can think of, and that's what makes this show so special.

Also, many cartoons have been suffering with seasonal rot, but this show is on of those instances where the series is just as good now as the first season. There never was a bad season, all three of them so far has been spectacular. I hope this show continues on being successful, it truly deserves it. I never cared to go to Disney Channel until this show came on. And it's the only cartoon besides South Park that I tune in regularly to see.


  • kirbystarwarior
  • 21st Mar 12
I think this show is a bland waste of time.
  • doctrainAUM
  • 21st Mar 12
As of this comment, the top two reviews are for the same show, but with the exact opposite opinion. I find that mildly humorous for some reason.
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 21st Mar 12
If you've already got your own review, there's no need to assert your opinion without evidence on an opposing review.

As for me, I can't say I like it. I've found some parts with Doofenshmirtz hilarious, and have laughed my head off at a few jokes once or twice, but the "strictly formula, Status Quo Is God" nature of the show bugs me and I sympathize too much with Candace. The plot also never surprises me. So there may be few parts in it that are good once in a while, but they're still needles in a huge pile of straw, so the shows's not something I could watch regularly and enjoy.

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