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Reviews Comments: The Filler Season Digimon Adventure 02 season review by Leith Sol

Digimon Adventure 02 is a Sequel. Its a sequel to Digimon Adventure; to Our War Game ; And its a sequel to the digimon Wonder Swan games. If you did not know this, don't worry, as the show will bring the plot to a grinding halt to remind you. Often.

The characters are all very cliche, which would have been fine if the characters were allowed to be developed. Sadly Status Quo Is God so the end of one episode feels so much like the end of another. Out of all the characters only Ken, Oikawa and maybe Iori develop into anything meaningful way, contrary to the fact that the series that is known for its character development.

The new chosen children don't really have an affinity for the digimon of the digital world as you can tell as they picnic while digimon are suffering under the Kaiser's rule. Which makes sense at the start, but then the new chosen children volunteer to fix the digital world after the Kaiser was defeated, making me wonder if it was the digital world they care about not the digimon themselves.

The Digimon Kaiser ark is considered to be the best part despite 50% being filler. It's clear that the writers were buying time to try to scrap together a plot. But what follows after the Kaiser ark? Ep.22 Chosen children doing community service~Filler. Ep.23 Ken's back story. Ep.24~37 Arukenimon tries to destroy the digital world, aka filler, as Arukenimon's goal is to get Oikawa into the digital world; World tour~filler; Daemon Corp~filler.

The premise of the show is that the younger chosen children to make there own way, away from the shadow of there older counterparts. Letting slide that Takeru already did that, and the new chosen children have no relatable past, it still fails. The younger children don't make there own way, rather the older children are forced out of the plot. The new chosen children never fell like they accomplish anything by themselves. The ending has even more reminders that Digimon Adventure 02 is a sequel; Shunning newer baddies to reuse older baddies. The level of Ass Pull in the ending leaves the feeling that anyone could have been the hero and that the writers were grasping at straws.

All in all, if you felt that Digimon Adventure needed to be 50 episodes longer, just rewatch Digimon Adventure.


  • qtjinla15
  • 14th Jan 12
Indeed, and don't make a main character where you purposely don't develop him at all.

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