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Reviews Comments: The closest you'll ever get to a 3D Rayman Tonic Trouble game review by Albertosaurus

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a 3D version of the original Rayman game? I mean sure, Rayman 2 is an absolutely brilliant game, but it's much more linear (no need to go back to levels after gaining new powers to reach areas that were inaccessable before) and the setting is much less whimisical. Well, Tonic Trouble is that game. It even has the iconic Raymanian Limbs look. The downside? It's not as good as Rayman 2, and that's the game it has always been inevitably compared to.

Yes, this game has its shortcomings. It doesn't look quite as good. The characters and environments aren't as memorable. It's not as exhillarating - there are no unexpected challenges like rocket rides and waterskiing. But it is still a really solid platformer. Like I mentioned above, it's much closer in structure to the first Rayman game. You continually gain new powers that enable you to explore previously inacessible areas, just like in that game. The levels are still inventive enough to keep one entertained - flying through the canyon actually takes some real skill.

It may not be pure gold, but it was enough to keep me pleasantly occupied. And hey, who doesn't like to smash some killer vegetables?


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