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Review of the dead of Winter.
Was very excited about the idea of a Bleach/HP crossover, the whole thing falls somewhat flat. Toshiro is.. moderately out of character for the whole time, and makes so little effort to blend in to hogwarts that you'd have to think anyone would have been a better choice for the job. This is my big problem with the fic. Toshiro acts so... determined to make sure that he doesn't fit in, when you'd think his sense of duty would at least make him try, considering canonically...he has experience pretending to be a student. Some alternate character interpretations of HP characters bothered me quite a lot.

Ignoring the whole characters issue the fic was well written, with good spelling and grammar. If your ok with alternate character interpretations (using the term very, very, very loosely) then give it a shot.


Funny. The out of characterness of Hitsugaya and the Altrenate Characer Interpretation of the HP characters were the things that made this fanfic VERY good in my opinion. This is probably because our tastes are greatly different. Good review by the way :)
comment #14354 HUNRonin 18th May 12
I don't know what fic you were reading, but spelling and grammar errors were frequent and distracting.
comment #25360 ProfessorPancake 25th Jul 14

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