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Reviews Comments: My Litttle Pony - Genetation 4: A New Hope My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic whole series review by Mikey S 9607

TL;DR: I love this show.

So what to say? Well, if you're outside the "target audience", don't fret. This show is so well made and written that it makes you not want to kill yourself like a lot of other shows tend to do.

This is mostly thanks to Lauren Faust and her team. They took a series with little hope left, and turned it into something amazing. She helped make it so that anypony could enjoy it, without it going too overboard with morals. It has everything, great animation, great characters, stories, humour. Everything is great.

If you love modern FPS games, prepare for dissapoint! It's not just multiple shade of grey and brown. It's colourful as hell (as in Very Colourful, actual Hell is protrayed to have shades of brown) but that's a thing that makes it great. The scenery isn't the only colourful thing here, the characters and their personalities are too!

This is one of the few instances ever in a TV show where I really like all of the Main/Mane cast.

Don't hate on it just because it's My Little Pony. Forget anything you knew about MLP in general before watching, and you'll enjoy it whether you're male or female of any age.

If you don't then you probably have no soul.

Thanks for reading my crappy review, evepony.


  • GildedATM
  • 2nd Nov 11
Genetation 4? That sounds... Awkward. 0_o

Also, there's plenty of colorful and popular modern FPS games, like the Halo series or Team Fortress 2. Just sayin'.

I might check this show out, if only because of its massive internet popularity.
  • MikeyS9607
  • 2nd Nov 11
Ah shit. Anyone know how to fix the title?
  • DracoDei
  • 13th Nov 11
I think the "you have no soul" part is going a bit far. Tastes vary a lot. And unless it gives you a little pencil in the corner the same way it does with the comments (but perhaps ONLY when viewing comments), then I don't know.

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