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Reviews Comments: I See A Funny Cartoon in Your Future The Powerpuff Girls episode/issue review by Frankiefoster

I'm sorry, but this episode finally made me think the Powerpuff Girls needed to fly away. The colors were blindingly bright (especially in the end credits!), the voices were annoying (especially the Narrator's, they must have paid him by the hour or something, he just kept talking throughout the whole episode!) and the villain whose name I forgot had an accent that vaguely "homaged"/ripped off someone's from Rocky and Bullwinkle—plus, the duck sidekick seemed to be (to Chris Savino, at least) an "odd" choice for a villain in his mind. Adding a funny flashback to the "bug-eyed freaks" lampshade made in the movie, the artwork has been painstakingly rendered to make the Powerpuff Girls into—bug eyed freaks. That's it. Bug eyed freaks with a decade's worth of publicity and merchandise. Worse, if the bad art and the voices didn't make you strain for the TV remote, then the white/blue HD Townsville intro, coupled with the irritating colors of the end credits will.

In fact, the only thing I found marginally exciting about the episode was the END CREDITS since the narrator finally shuts up and the horrific episode ends.

Watch the first season on up until you start noticing colors getting vibrantly technocolor. Then turn off the TV. You would have reached the Savino Zone, where irritating colors and bad writing rule.


  • troacctid
  • 2nd Nov 11
The whole episode was an Homage to The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show. Everything was done In The Style Of Rocky And Bullwinkle. That's the Point of the Episode.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 3rd Nov 11
Yes, but they should have done it in a more thought-out manner. The difference between a homage and a shallow parody is how well it's done. The Rocky/Bullwinkle 'homage' was nothing more than a frantic mess.
  • Wackd
  • 16th Jul 13
I can't speak to the colors, but the Narrator kept talking because that's how the Narrator on R&B behaved, the duck was there entirely to help perpetuate the sort of awful puns R&B ran on, and the voice being "ripped off" was provided by June Foray, the woman who voiced villain Natasha Fatale (as well as Rocky) on R&B.

Your review feels a bit like someone with no knowledge of Star Wars going to see Space Balls, picking at the costume and set design, and then deciding that maybe Mel Brooks should retire.
  • Redmess
  • 12th May 14
It also helps if the viewer is familiar with Rocky and Bulwinkle in the first place and realize it is in fact an homage. Because if you don't, then this episode does indeed seem a bit off from the rest of the series.
  • Sera235
  • 13th May 14
Why does everyone agreed on this stupid shit?!
  • Classicalfan626
  • 5th Dec 14
The amount of work put into this entire series was not hard work at all. In other words, the writers did not work very hard on this series, especially compared to other cartoons ranging from Rugrats to Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and even more especially, cartoons made in decades long past. So this review isn't really going far enough in criticism of The Powerpuff Girls, though I do kind of see where the reviewer is going.
  • Wackd
  • 5th Dec 14
Making something with a minimalist art style on a lower budget than your predecessors does not automatically mean you're working less hard.
  • Classicalfan626
  • 6th Dec 14
True, but in this case, again, the writers did not work that hard on The Powerpuff Girls to begin with. After season 4, the effort put into the show was even less. And the Dance Pantsed special that premiered in January 2014 had even less effort put into it than even the later two season of the series.

Mike, Lu & Og, for instance, had as much hard work put into it as The Powerpuff Girls. The latter was much more successful given the brief window of high popularity it had in the tail end of 1999 and in the vast majority of 2000. The Powerpuff Girls I think deserved to have barely more success than Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, I Am Weasel, and Mike, Lu & Og.
  • Wackd
  • 10th Dec 14 the hell do you know exactly how much effort was put in?
  • Classicalfan626
  • 10th Dec 14
You know, I was just making an educated guess based on observation. And it's all a matter of opinion, anyway.
  • Kotatroper
  • 3rd Apr 15
I found the show to extremely well made "how much work" you think they put into has little bearing.
  • SuperEquality07
  • 21st Mar 16
I TOTALLY agree with you on EVERYTHING. The Savino era is mostly dreck, with rare gems hidden deep in the mines. ISAFCIYF is just one of the worst ways to end a great series, EVER. The Narrator is fucking OBNOXIOUS, and the episode is all over the place, figuratively AND literally!!!
  • Classicalfan626
  • 29th Mar 16
@Kotatroper - That\'s an invalid argument, your grammar is poor, and you really don\'t know what you\'re talking about.

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