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Reviews Comments: Good, Yet Bad Glee whole series review by Doom Cookies

Let me say this first: I do like Glee. I watch it every week, and I do like the music, for the most part. It's nowhere near the worst show on TV, but far from the best.

I'll agree with the majority of fans and say the Season 1 is my favorite. Season 2, I think, started out good, but the plot started to unravel, the characters started to fall apart, and there was way too much anvil dropping. It seems like RIB has seen their mistakes with Season 2 and they're starting to fix them, although I can't say how well I think this is going to go.

One thing that annoys me about the show is that the writers keep pushing aside the underdeveloped, albeit interesting, minor characters, such as Mike, Artie, and Tina, in way of the rather bland Rachel, Finn, Will, Emma, and Sue. Kurt started out a favorite of mine, but I think he's getting way too much screen time. I used to like Mercedes, but her development in Season 3 is just... blargh. Blaine is also one of my favorites, but I think his character's been Flanderized way too much. I mean, it took Mike three seasons just to have a plotline. (And, I will say, it was excellent.)

The music, for the most part, really is pretty good, though some of the song choices I don't agree with. It is good that solos are more distributed now, although Rachel still does get a bit too many. All of the singers are at least decent, and although Cory Monteith probably still is the weakest of the cast, he has improved a lot. I wish there was more variance in the songs, as in choosing some songs that aren't oldies/pop/showtunes, just once.

Also. The GayAesops. I'm sick of them. I mean, I do understand that it's a big issue, but the amount of coverage, honestly, is too much. I also wish they would potray high school a little more realistically. As someone who also comes from a small, conservative town, I can say that high school doesn't usually work that way.

So, overall, Glee is a decent show. Not the worst out there, but really not deserving the amount of love it gets.


  • Haldo
  • 30th Oct 11
This is pretty much how I feel about Glee. I like it a lot, but it's not the best thing since sliced bread.

I disagree on what you said about the Gay Aesop's, though. It comes up so often because a few of the main characters are gay, and, speaking from experience, those kinds of things are things that gay people have to deal with every day.
  • claystripe6514
  • 22nd Dec 11
I agree with pretty much everything you said to the letter, including the Gay Aesop thing. I don't have anything against an anti-bullying Gay Aesop... except when all other bullying is considered tolerable. You get bullied for being into singing, being fat, or being a "loser"? Tolerate it. Get bullied for being gay? Go straight to the administration, and when that doesn't work, leave the school. ...Yeah, that really bugs me, can you tell?
  • Haldo
  • 23rd Mar 12
^Except that the case you're referring to where Kurt left school included violence, sexual harassment and death threats, and that is why it wasn't considered tolerable.
  • Wackd
  • 24th Mar 12
^ The slushies. They cause stinging in the eyes and all other manner of discomfort that is regularly described in gratuitous detail. Not as violent, granted, but still violent, and often talked about. And yet nothing is done.

And besides, nobody knew about the sexual harassment, so yeah.
  • lucyricardo10
  • 19th Jul 12
What I don't like about all the Gay Aesops are that it means Kurt/Santana/whoever have to spend every episode having problems because lf their sexuality. It just sticks them as being "the gay one" instead of letting them have other issues that let them be a character. And I know in a lot of small towns kids do have to deal with homophobia a lot, but when that's almost all your character does it gets boring. To me the whole thing's more depressing than inspiring.

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